Cutting Oil Mist Col

Coolant oil mist collector

Cutting Oil Mist Collector/Coolant are very useful attachments to CNC and other metal cutting machines where coolant oil is used during machining. High speed machining and heat generation during machining operation generates mist and oil fumes that need to be extracted and exhausted from the cutting zone. Letting the fume out in the shop floor or exhausting in to the atmosphere is undesirable due to various health and environmental factors. VENTSYS mist collectors extract fume and mist from the cutting zone, separates evaporated cutting oil and water particles and let out fume and free air in to the atmosphere or recycles the air. Reuse of the collected oil reduces cutting oil expenses apart from maintaining a clean factory environment. We offer two types of mist collectors, one being exhaust type and the other re circulation type.
Competitive Advantages of our product are,
High rate of extraction and collection,
Exhaust mode and re circulation mode models available,
Low power consumption,
Quick retro fitment possible with minimum machine down time., various capacity models available.

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