Electrical and elect

Elecrtical panel cooling fans

Electrical and electronic power panels, rectifier panels, AC/DC convertors etc are high heat generation equipments which needs forced cooling. Proper cooling of the panels is essential to safeguard overheating of components and untimely breakdowns apart from extending the longevity of the components. Apart from internal heat generation climatic and environmental heat also contributes to thermal problems. When filters are used to restrict dust entry to the panel low pressure fans normally used in these panels is inadequate for force cooling of the panels. VENTSYS INDUSTRIES provide custom designed high static &high volume panel cooling fans of various capacities to suit customer needs. Our units are two types being push in and pull out type. Push in types is supplied with filters fitted. Depending upon customers’ choice and application needs TEFC and external rotor based motors are used. We also assist our customers with air volume calculations and help in selecting appropriate fans.

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