Powered roof extract

Powered Roof Extractors

Powered roof extractors are motorised Ventilation Fans mounted on the roof to exhaust air forcibly. Warm and fume laden air rises up to the roof level and stagnates. Forced expulsion of stale air from the roof level brings in fresh air from outside and paves way for improved air circulation within the factory shed. Fresh air entry improves in door air quality and better working environment in the factory which undoubtedly improves productivity and safeguards workmen health. We offer our services and technical expertise to design and select the best equipments and systems. These units are useful with ducts also to extract air from localized area and reduce heat and dust spread in the working space.

Salient features of our roof extractors:
Low noise and vibration free.
FRP molded adopter sheets ensures leak proof installations.
Quick and easy installation
Low weight products minimizes roof loading
Minimal civil and structural work involved
High reliability and long life

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